During my final chapter at SketchUp, I worked on designing an extensive new brand system, provided imagery & iconography design for a comprehensive website re-design, defined co-marketing guidelines and a led art direction on the production of their new brand video.
These tools were used to solidify SketchUp’s brand standards, helping unify their presence across a diverse product line, multiple mediums & formats, as well as international audiences.
Website designs: homepage imagery and various modules for their SketchUp for iPad offering.
SketchUp's Brand Video: I led the art direction and supplied models/assets for production, which was created in conjunction with Trollback, a prestigious NYC agency.
SketchUp's style guide & co-marketing guidelines – I helped create and distill a comprehensive design system into an actionable rule-book for employees, agencies & partners to follow.

The end-result of strategy work to reposition SketchUp in the marketplace, which created a guiding light for product & marketing developments.

A focused look at our core-personas, helping identify the audiences that we needed to better tailor our marketing to.

Logo usage & free-space guidelines

A expanded color palette of bright, happy colors.

The inclusion of hand-drawn elements

Alignment grids to make sure things non-designers within SketchUp could create materials that always looked professional

We incorporated elements from product UI to create imagery & text frames. These allowed our marketing to transition away from predominantly full-bleed imagery, allowing us to present designs in a new light.

Visual guidance to be used by SketchUp's social media team.

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